You Are Always Going to be Fat…But Not Me

Overweight, obese, exerciseThat’s a depressing thought, isn’t?  No matter what, you are going to be fat.

I am proud of me for losing weight and going from officially obese by diet and exercise.  By diet,  I don’t mean just eating less for a while, but changing the types and amounts of food I choose permanently.  I fixed my type 2 diabetes and I intend on keeping that way.  Yet the odds of me keeping the weight off are almost nil, zip and nada.  May as well now load up on the Metfornin to at least keep the glucose in check.



Fat Is Officially Incurable…But Not for Me

I am going to tell you now, give up.  Forget it, don’t even try, save your money and your time.  Just sit back, grab a bag of potato chips and a large, banned-in-New-York Slurpee to enjoy a long night of sitting down to watch TV and doing nothing.  Veg.

For all of the studies, programs, research, science, TV infomercials, exercise programs, books, tapes, videos, pills, New Years resolutions and blogs, you are never going to be thin.  Get over it. If you are overweight or obese now you will be until your dying day.  All of your time, money, energy, determination and effort are meaningless.  Get over it. Have brownie.

If you do manage to lose some weight you are only going to gain it back.  Get used to it  Fat is incurable.

According to a bunch of studies listed nicely listed in the linked article at, written by David Wong, the obese will always be with us.  There is one exception, surgery.  Yet I know a number of people who have had some sort of bariatric or stomach bypass, lost weight and then gained it all back.

Well, I am not giving in.  I am going to keep eating what I have been eating and keep exercising, never mind exercise has nothing to do with weight loss.  I feel better.  I feel healthy.  Whatever.  I am determined to be that statical freak that loses the weight and keeps it off.

I want to live long enough to see my 50th wedding anniversary and that means I have to live to be 95. That means I am going to around for another 36 years.  Not impossible. I think. No it’s possible and Jack LaLanne is providing the inspiration.  That’s why I am going to be different.

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