I Heart Houston for My Type 2 Diabetic Exercise Plan

My favorite exercise for type 2 diabetic exercise plan is just to ride my bike.   It simple, fun, easy on the knees and meeting other bike riders here is interesting.

They are an eclectic group.  Some are road racer wannabees, some think they are going green and saving the planet by riding the bike and forgoing the car and others, like me, are doing because it’s good exercise. I can also do it pretty much all year long and that is one good reason I like living in Houston, the mild weather.

Okay the summer heat and humidity can be brutal, but I am used to it now.  The traffic also sucks, but that’s another issue all together.   Just be careful and watchful.  It’s all I can do.

I grew up in Michigan and I rode my bike during the winter.  I delivered papers for the Detroit Free Press starting at 4 am on very cold winter mornings with my bike.

I never really noticed the cold then, it was just part of living in Michigan.  I sure do now.  I don’t like it all.  I don’t mind sweating, but I sure to mind shivering.

Now, if it gets too cold here, as in anything below 50, I usually put the bike on a trainer and use that.  I am a warm weather wimp now when it comes to my type 2 diabetic exercise plan.

Yes, I whine about the cold and complain when night time temperature hits at or around freezing, and I shouldn’t.  There are people who gladly, willing, determinedly, happily ride in conditions such as this:

type 2 diabetic exercise

Winter Riding, not here in Houston, TX

They boast about it.  Good for them.

Probably overcoming the cold is a virtuous sign of determination.  But not for me.

I like it here in Houston just fine.  It’s a great place to work out my type 2 diabetic exercise plan and no cold to take my breath away.

I probably should say something that I should stop complaining and whining about the cold here.  No, I don’t think I am.   I moved here to get away from scenes like the one above.

Nope, I am going to keep complaining.

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