Monday’s Type 2 Diet News. Is Wheat Bad for a Type 2 Diabetic Diet?

Is Wheat Bad for a Type 2 Diabetic Diet?

Or is the anti-wheat news just this year’s fad diet news?

Before that weighty question.

The numbers for today:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Levels:  96 mg/dl.  Not stellar, but safe and safe is just fine. 
  • Exercise:  45 minutes, 10 miles.  Good ride, perfect morning.
  • Weight:  186 lbs.  Still up a couple and Saturday turned into a day devoted to eating.
  • Mood:  8.00.  Not bad for a Monday.

What I am eating today:

  • Breakfast:  Banana, orange and oatmeal.  Worked a bit in the backyard feeding roses and breakfast was a bit ad hoc.
  • Lunch:  Leftover burger and a salad.
  • Dinner:  Pinto beans and rice.
  • Snacks:  Black bean salsa on brown rice cakes.  Laugh of you will, but it is very tasty and filling.

 I like wheat.  Get over it.

Whole_Wheat_BreadI saw this post this morning from a site new to me that posits wheat is bad for a type 2 diabetic diet.  There is  a lot to what this guy is saying, but not for the reasons he writes about in the post.

I don’t really believe that wheat  is bad for anyone who does not suffer from cialic disease.  Eating too much wheat, and we do that every day in this country and now world wide, will cause most of us to gain weight and become type 2 diabetics.  That happens everyday, but wheat is not the culprit all by it’s lonesome.

Wheat is found in all sorts of foods because it’s cheap.  Wheat is cheap because it’ s massively subsidized the government.  The starch, a simple carbohydrate,  can be added to all sorts of processed and affordable foods to make it more appealing and tasty and those appealing processed, tasty foods are making us fatter and diabetic.

Want to break cycle?  End the subsidies.  It’s maybe the first step to a thinner America.

This post is also a fine argument for restricting or eliminating processed foods, but never says so.  That has been my argument for a long time.  That is tasty stuff that is killing us.

Whole grains, like wheat, I think are good for type 2 diabetics.  They breakdown slowly, provide energy and don’t cause a carbohydrate rush that sends your pancreas into a frenzy.  Carbohydrates are also the only thing your brain eats, so eating carbs are brain food.

You want to be smart, don’t you?  Eat some whole grains and I am going to end all the puns right here.


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