Type 2 Diabetes Way Up in Scotland

Older and Fatter Type 2 Diabetes Cases Growing

Just take a pill?  Not working.

Symbol for diabetes, type 2 diabetes included

The international symbol for diabetes.

As I have often noted here, diabetes, namely type 2 diabetes, is a growing worldwide problem.  It’s the down side of a world getting richer and fatter.

Scotland this year now has 5% of it’s people listed as diabetic and the majority of those Scots are type 2 diabetics. In a country of  just under 5 million people than means about 250,00o are diabetic and about 87% , or 217,000, of those people are type 2 diabetics.

The causes were listed as a population getting older and “unhealthy life styles,” and often a combination of the two.  Unhealthy life styles usually means being too fat and exercising too little.

Old, fat and unhealthy is no lifestyle to live.

Related to this is a story from the UK ( think Scotland would be included here) on the number of prescriptions written for diabetes medications.  Last year they topped 40 million.  That was up from 13.5 million prescriptions written just six years ago.  For the same period the cost of those drugs to the National Health Service rose to £760.3 million from £246.3 million.

I guess the drugs really don’t fix the problem, do they?  It’s only getting worse and it’s expected continue to get worse, if Scotland and England are following the worldwide trends.

I remember reading an article in the Walls Street Journal years ago about the problem of heart disease in Scotland among middle aged men.  The story focused on one man, a laborer on disability being interviewed in a pub, who had already had two heart attacks.  He spent his days waiting for his third and probably last heart attack in his pub.  His diet seemed to consist of mostly cigarettes, canned meat and beer.  He had no interest in changing his “unhealthy lifestyle.”

I remember that he seemed to have an almost good nataured resignation about his condition.  He just accepted it.  He expected to be dead soon from a heart attack, the fate of more than few of mates.  That was life; that is the way it is.  Oh, well, what can to do about it, right?  Have a another beer, another cigarette and play some darts.  And wait for the end.

Most of the diabetics in this world are that way because they weigh too much and exercise too little.  I was.

You don’t have to be fat and out of shape.  You can’t prevent getting older, but you can usually prevent being unhealthy.  It’s not really that hard. I did it.

Too often now there is the same air of resignation that Scotsman had in so much of the developed world.  Let’s just accept the condition and take the pill.  That is why Merck’s revenue and profits were up, more people worldwide were taking its diabetic medications.

Relatively few are type 1 diabetics or skinny diabetics, people who develop the condition for reasons other than being old and fat or just fat, usually genetics.  For them medication is essential to stay alive.

Medication was an option for me and I rejected it.  Just taking the pill was not going to fix my problem.  Changing how I lived was going to fix my problem, and it did.




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