Go Long on Drug Companies.

Make a Sure Bet on Type 2 Diabetes Drugs

You can’t lose.  Really.


Heidi KlumI have always viewed controlling type 2 diabetes as being divided into two camps, more or less.  In one camp are people like me, who control it with diet and exercise.  The other camp are those who take medications to control it.  A regimen of diet and exercise vs a regimen of type 2 diabetes drugs to control the world wide growth of it all.

The drug regimen side seems to be winning from this PR release.

But first, the numbers for today

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  97 mg/dl.  Nice and safe.
  • Exercise:  45 minute ride and a pleasant one.  Didn’t push it, didn’t dog it.
  • Weight:  184 lbs.
  • Mood:  7.5

The Menu:

  • Breakfast: Usual morning fruit medley and oatmeal with craisins.  Actually, I absent-mindedly sliced the banana into the oatmeal and cooked it into the oatmeal this morning.  Came out like an oatmeal/banana souffle.  Kind of tasty. 
  • Lunch:  Salad.
  • Dinner:  Pizza (one slice), salad and Heidi Klum’s legs on Project Runway.  Still the Thursday night favorite for the Charming Mrs. SWMBO and me.
  • Snacks:  Carrot sticks.   Yum.

I saw this article yesterday about the worldwide phenomenon of type 2 diabetes and the opportunities it presents for drug manufacturers.  It’s a growth industry industry.  The trend line is nothing but up for as long as anyone can predict the future.

It’s a real bonanza for them.  Not only are type 2 diabetes drugs needed, so are the drugs to control cardiovascular diseases, neuropathy, and damage to organs such the eyes, kidney, liver and the brain.  These are all problems uncontrolled glucose can cause.

Good for them is all I can say.  And don’t get me wrong.  They have the opportunity to treat and help people and make money at it.  Nothing wrong with that.  I support that.

To me it just seems to be a sort of capitulation.

China and India are a big part of the worldwide growth of the disease.  As they are getting richer they are also getting sicker.  The down-side of affluence.

For 85% of us the problem is usually nothing more than choosing the wrong foods to eat, eating too much and not exercising enough.  Worldwide, we are making ourselves sicker for no reason at all.  It’s a preventable problem and the seemingly preferred treatment is the expensive one, medication,  and not a true fix.  The drugs just treat the symptoms.

Yeah, I admit I maybe getting a bit simplistic about the causes and treatments here.  There is a genetic link of the Han Chinese and type 2 diabetes.  But I don’t think I am that far off, either.

As coincidence would have it I also spotted this article yesterday as well.  The Mediterranean diet is considered the best diet for getting a patients to lower their blood glucose.  That’s the basic diet regimen I follow.  So there, it can be done without drugs  Hear that world?

Oh, yes, posting a picture of Heidi Klum makes me feel better.


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