The Next Big Thing in Exercise Equipment?

Looking for a piece of exercise equipment that combines the great aerobic and core building workout you can get from horse back riding in the convenience of your own home and in one simple, functional device?

Me neither.

However, if this sounds interesting, check out this miracle worker from South Korea, Horse Riding Fitness from Ace Power.  Hey, it is cheaper than a horse and this piece of exercise equipment seems to be going viral.

Really, it’s no different than the riders, a popular piece exercise equipment from  back in the 1990’s.  This and similar  were everywhere back then.  This is a commercial for the Health Rider from 1995.

This was the first rider I remember and it’s still around,  so it must have it’s more than a few satisfied customers. .

The key with any exercise of course is to do it.  Just looking at a bike or a rider is going to do you any good.

If this piece of exercise equipment takes off, I bet you can get this gem cheap at garage sales soon enough.

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