Shiny nails in the pink

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Your nails and health Want a quick check up on the state of your health?  Check your finger or toes nails . If the the nail beds are in the pink, so are you.  You want nails that are semi-transparent, light pink and intact. Congratulations if that describes your finger and toe nails.  You may want to […]

Curing Type 2 diabetes on a Splurge Friday, 10/12/12

Things That Drive Me Crazy about Curing Type 2 Diabetes The good, the bad and the ugly of the information out there.   Several times this week I have read in articles that curing type 2 diabetes is not possible. That’s the ugly. Type 2 diabetes can be cured, controlled, reversed or fixed in so […]

Middle Age Fitness – Even for geezers, its never too late to start.

The benefits associated with middle age fitness. Living longer is not necessarily one of them.   My middle age fitness program didn’t begin until, well, middle age.   I avoided exercise until I my type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  Everything changed immediately after that.  I got serious about keeping fit. I had someone write to me about […]

Diabetes Drugs Leads Merck’s Profit Growth for Second Quarter

Merck’s Diabetes Drugs Leads the Way in Q2 Business to benefit from world-wide epidemic   Drug maker Merck beat estimates because sales of its diabetes drugs  Januvia and Janumet.  Given the world-wide growth in type 2 diabetes, no one should be surprised that  diabetes drugs could be so successful and have a such a bright […]

Today’s Diet and Exercise to Keep Me Happy and Healthy. Also Sore

Diet and Exercise to Control my Type 2 Diabetes One day at a time, every day The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  95 mg/dl Weight:  187 lbs. Exercise:  30 minutes.  Crashed this morning and picked up a nice case of  road rash.  It looks worse than it is.  Back at it tomorrow. Mood:  7.0.  Sore […]

Controlling My Type 2 Diabetes – Beating The Daily Beast

Under control, day in, day out Type 2 diabetes, not exciting, but fun Type 2 diabetes under control.  It’s not like I had anything better to do.  Much. The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  99 mg/dl. Weight:  187 lbs.  Down a pound Exercise:  45 minute ride Mood:  7.5.  Still job hunting The Menu for Today […]