Go Long on Drug Companies.

Make a Sure Bet on Type 2 Diabetes Drugs You can’t lose.  Really.   I have always viewed controlling type 2 diabetes as being divided into two camps, more or less.  In one camp are people like me, who control it with diet and exercise.  The other camp are those who take medications to control […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Thursday 8-12 Edition

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and the Real Benefits of a Long, Healthy Life. Why I do it.   Yes, I know I am not my number, but I felt that I was again in reversing type 2 diabetes mode. My number this morning was good, so I am good. I am in the no-questions-asked safe […]

Keeping My Type 2 Diabetes in Check for Today

Controlling My Type 2 Diabetes Today The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  98 mg/dl.  Nice, normal number. Weight:  187 lbs. Exercise:  Nothing.  The scrapes from Tuesday’s fall are healing nicely, thank you, but I am going to give it another day off.  The scrapes on the kneed need another day.  The elbow is the worse. […]