Shiny nails in the pink

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Your nails and health Want a quick check up on the state of your health?  Check your finger or toes nails . If the the nail beds are in the pink, so are you.  You want nails that are semi-transparent, light pink and intact. Congratulations if that describes your finger and toe nails.  You may want to […]

Type 2 Diabetes Way Up in Scotland

Older and Fatter Type 2 Diabetes Cases Growing Just take a pill?  Not working. As I have often noted here, diabetes, namely type 2 diabetes, is a growing worldwide problem.  It’s the down side of a world getting richer and fatter. Scotland this year now has 5% of it’s people listed as diabetic and the […]

Belly Fat Was Ruining My Health, And I Looked Bad, Too

When I had a very large, round belly,  I took belly fat as an annoyance, as unattractive, as responsible for some hefty tailoring expenses to let my pants out and as something I should do something about, starting next week. Dangerous?  Fat’s fat, right?  If only. “…We’ve learned that abdominal fat tissue is a hotbed […]

Will Your Office Chair Cause Diabetes, Heart Disease?

One often cited reason for the world getting fatter is that we have sedentary jobs. The whole world does less physical labor now to burn calories. We sit at a desk and move paper to work or sit to watch TV to be entertained. We eat, we sit and we are more likely to get […]