The Curse of Skinny Diabetes

Treating Skinny Diabetes Is Tricky Getting it wrong can be fatal.   I often say there are two kinds of type 2 diabetes, pudgy diabetes and skinny diabetes.  I and about 85% of us with type 2 diabetes are pudgies.  For most of us pudgies, the fix is pretty simple, lose the weight, lose the […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Monday Moanin’ End of August Edition

Getting Motivated to Keep Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Some days I do not want to get out of bed.  But I do. Fall is coming.  This morning I got my ride in and watered most of the  backyard plants before the sun was up.  What makes it remarkable is that I was a bit tardy […]

Today’s Diet and Exercise to Keep Me Happy and Healthy. Also Sore

Diet and Exercise to Control my Type 2 Diabetes One day at a time, every day The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  95 mg/dl Weight:  187 lbs. Exercise:  30 minutes.  Crashed this morning and picked up a nice case of  road rash.  It looks worse than it is.  Back at it tomorrow. Mood:  7.0.  Sore […]