Weight Loss Scams or Miracles? Dr. Oz Isn’t Saying.

Dr Oz Tells Senate Committee what he knows.  Hint – it’s not much.

Is Dr. Oz promoting weight loss scams?  Serious charge for a medical man.

I recently saw a headline in a magazine in the check out line at Kroger’s.   The ubiquitous Dr. Oz was touting something or other as a weight loss miracle.

I don’t remember what it was because I think that stuff is all malarkey.  But hey, if people are gullible enough to believe that, who am I to ruin their day?  Read away, folks, and good luck with it.

I am not really sure who Dr. Oz really is or why he is on expert on all things health, either.   He just sort of showed up one day in supermarket check out lines and never left. He hosts a TV show, too, I think.

His touts came to the attention of a Senate committee and here is a bit of his testimony.  This is from NBC.

Are there weight loss miracles?

There is no such thing as a weight loss miracle and I imagine the good Dr. Oz knows that as well.  Weight loss happens when someone makes better food choices, eats less and exercises.  No mystery or miracle there.

Some of the miracles he blessed for his audience are garcinia cambogia, green tea coffee bean extract, CLA and yacon syrup.

I have not a clue what any of this stuff is and I for my money, it’s all a fraud.

Dr. Oz testified before a Senate committee, answering some pointed questions on the weight loss miracle products he’s endorsed over time.

For a man of science, his answer was pretty flabby.  Does he really believe the hype on this stuff?  I don’t know, but I think not.  He has a show, he is about ratings and making headlines.  Yes, I am cynical.

Did he make any money off of these endorsements?  I don’t know, but my guess is he did somewhere.  If not, he needs a better agent.

Claire McCaskill chairs the Senate Consumer Protection Committee.  The committee is investigating weight loss products.

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