Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, What I did on Tuesday, 8/28/12

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes.  Cured or Just Controlled?

Even the experts really can’t agree.

Reverse your type 2 diabetes - or else.While peddling I went into deep thought mode about half way through.   (That can be dangerous if I am not paying attention to the road.)

Have I cured my type 2 diabetes?  I don’t know.

Certainly my numbers are pretty much normal.  My last a1c came in at 5.6, with is normal.  My fasting blood glucose levels are mostly in the normal range.  Without out knowing my past, a clinician would say I am fine, no problem, carry on.

The Mayo Clinic says no, type 2 diabetes can be only managed.   Certainly, I am doing that.

Yet, an article in the Guardian says a low calorie diet can cure type 2 diabetes.  I like to think I have done that as well.

Type 2 diabetes is a result.  The cause can vary, and sometimes fixing the result can be simple or difficult.

For people like me, the pudgy type 2 diabetics, I think the condition can be cured, fixed, reversed or successfully managed.  Simple, really.

I had problems certainly, but not permanent ones yet.  My problem was fat cells were blocking the absorption of glucose, perhaps caused by a protein called p75NTR produced by fat cells.

Rigorous dieting and exercise fixed my problem, however you want to describe it.  Lose the fat, lose the problem.

If I go off the plan, do I risk triggering the result again?  You bet and I practically guarantee that result.

So, cured or controlled.  Both.


The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  99 mg/dl.   Good.
  • Weight:  185 lbs.
  • Exercise:  45 minutes on the bike.  All in the dark
  • Mood:  7.0


The Menu:

  • Breakfast:  Fruit salad and oatmeal with craisins.
  • Lunch:  Leftover BBQ and some crudités .  Finally remembered to use that word.  Sounds better than a some raw vegetables.
  • Dinner:  Chalutpas.  Which is sort of a Mexican style salad with no bowl.
  • Snacks:  A few almonds.



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