Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Today, Just Doesn’t Seem Like It

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, The Ups and Downs

Have to keep the long term in mind


Reversing type 2 diabetes this morning seemed not an accurate statement.   Making it worse felt more accurate.  Must have been that big sweet potato I had last night.  Late last night.

My fasting blood glucose spiked this morning and it really bugged me. Depressed me really.  It was 110 mg/dl, which is not great, but not a problem either. The good thing is that it did motivate me to really ride a bit harder than yesterday, not that is going to make a dramatic difference.

As if right on cue, I did find an article this morning about the Nine Diabetes Terms We Can Do Without.  It did mange to lighten my funk a bit.

Right there, number two, I am not my number.  We all tend to take a given glucose test number to heart.  At that moment is time, that number is who I am., for better or worse. Yet I know that if my doctor say it, he would shrug his shoulders and day, “doesn’t mean much.”

The Licensed Diabetes Educator I met with when I first got going on this said anything under 120 mg/dl is fine.  So by that score, I am doing okay.  But must of us tend to work in a range of  70  to 100 mg/dl .  Yesterday it was 97 mg/dl.  In the safe zone.  Below is a chart I keep around for no other reason than it’s in a I-know-not-what-language and it tells me that this morning I am just one little mg/dl out of normal.  The Kroger Pharmacy in our neighborhood says anything under 130 mg/dl is okay.

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Tomorrow is another day to be better.  That is the upside of it all, the way to stay optimistic.
The Numbers:
  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  110 mg/dl.  Gulp.
  • Weight:  187lbs.  Closer to 186, but lets keep it honest and conservative.
  • Exercise:  45 minutes of fast and furious pedaling.
  • Mood:  Pass the Cymbalta

The Menu:

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