Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Today, 8/14/2012

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Losing Weight and Saving Money

 Lose weight, lose diabetes, save money

reversing type 2 diabetes with better food.Yesterday evening the Charming Mrs. SWMBO and I went grocery shopping.   I looking the foods to get and to avoid for my daily plan for reversing type 2 diabetes.  She was looking at the prices, as in cutting the budget.

They two views are happily very complimentary

I am the one normally who goes grocery shopping but we as of yesterday we were out of just about everything and decided to make Kroger a date destination.

Nothing says romance like a stroll down the wide, will lit isles of our local Kroger.

As we were going down the meat isle, she formulated a broad meal plan right there and then.  Weekdays will be largely vegetarian.  Meat costs too much she thinks and we will save it for the weekends.

I didn’t think prices were that bad.  Kroger’s had a couple of good sales going, but I love it when a plan comes together, improvised as it was.

Lots of bean and whole grains, which is very Mediterranean Diet and diet plan recommend for both weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes.  Works for me. Tastes good, too.

The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  97 mg/dl
  • Weight:  187 lbs.
  • Exercise:  45 minutes
  • Mood:  7.5

The Menu:

  • Breakfast:  Oatmeal and craisins infused with apple, cinnamon herbal tea.
  • Lunch:  A hot dog and a peach.  The hot dog cost a whole dollar and the dollar goes to helps buy schools supplies.  Heck of a deal.
  • Dinner:  Blackbean Smothered Sweet Potatoe  Fast and easy to make.  Tasty, too.
  • Snacks:  A small handful of almonds and a few dried apricots.


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