Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Monday Moanin’ End of August Edition

Getting Motivated to Keep Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Some days I do not want to get out of bed.  But I do.

Reversing type 2 diabetes and Monday is no excuse to goof off.Fall is coming.  This morning I got my ride in and watered most of the  backyard plants before the sun was up.  What makes it remarkable is that I was a bit tardy getting out of bed.

Usually Monday is my day to pop out of bed and get after it.   Get the week off to flying start.

Not this morning.  I wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep after I turned the alarm off at 5 am.  Bed was feeling really good this morning.

Fifteen minutes later, got up and  moved like crazy to make up for lost time. My morning routine begins with me checking my fasting blood glucose and weight and often blood pressure.  No blood pressure check this morning.

Dressed in my exercise bike riding togs, $20.00 Casio watch with stopwatch feature and iPod already playing Rush’s new Clockwork Angle’s Album (still obsessing), out I went at 5:30.   Reversing type 2 diabetes is not for slackers.

Several people have written about how I keep the up motivation.  Easy.  Sort of.

There are two reasons or motivations.

One,  I do what I do because it is good for me, and I do feel good, spiritually, physically and emotionally, when it is done.  That is the key part –  getting it done.  That is part I really look forward to, being done and I can get on with my day.  It’s my early morning little victory.  I feel virtuous.  I don’t want to backslide.  That could be fatal.

The second is more long term.  I married late and I am determined to make it to my 50th wedding anniversary.  That will make me 95 years old, not an impossible goal.  The Charming Mrs. SWMBO is several years younger than I am and she comes from a family where just about everyone lives well into their 90’s.  So I have to be good and keep

The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  96 mg/dl.  Great way to start the week.
  • Weight:  185ish lbs.
  • Exercise:  45 minutes.  Really pumping this morning by my legs were getting a bit rubbery at the end.
  • Mood:  7.5

The Menu:

  • Breakfast:  The usual fruit medley, oatmeal and craisens
  • Lunch:  Leftover ribs, a handful of sweet cherries
  • Dinner:   The Charming Mrs. SMBO’s three bean salad, nestled on a bed of fresh salad greens.  It takes about 5 minutes to make, perfect for a Monday.
  • Snacks:  A small handful of almonds.


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