The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet.

The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet

Maybe. I’ve seen worse, actually

The most pretentious diet plan yet is the usually the latest one embraced by the poor souls to go from one diet fad to the next.

Chronic health foodies are generally a miserable lot in my experience.

If that’s how they want to live their life, that’s fine by me.  Just stay away from me and we all will get along just fine.

Why ultimately do we make something that is supposed to good for us, such misery? Food and health should be fun and satisfying.  Health is wealth, yet all too often it becomes a drudgery we put ourselves through with varying rates of success. Health seems to make us very unhappy sometimes. I think we all to often think of it as something we have to do. Nobody wants to do something they have to do.

Miserably healthy

This is supposed to be spoof, but the deadpan serious delivery of these two makes me almost think it’s real. There’s also the gas. Health can be gaseous.

Certainly the pair do cop that supercilious attitude, that complete lack of humor, that complete and total grim attitude to food that many diet fanatic possess.

The duality of food

I have always had this love/hate thing with food. I love it because food is sensual. Food hits lots of key pleasure and delight buttons for me.

For me the good and bad, the pleasure and pain, the alpha and the omega of food is it affects all my senses –

  • The look of food.
  • The smell of food.
  • The texture of food.
  • The sounds of food in preparing and serving it, down to the clinking of wine glasses to honor it.
  • And, of course, the most important thing of all, the taste of food.

Done right it all comes together in one, big, satisfying, mindblowing…er, nevermind.

I love to talk about food.  I love to plan to cook it.

Food is fun. Food is entertaining. I love to serve it to friends and relatives who appreciate food. Ever flambe something in front of a crowd?  Oos and ahhs, fun and entertaining.

I look forward to making special trips to eat it and discover new foods. Food becomes an adventure.

The problem of course me for and just about everyone else, is the result of to much of a good thing.

I hate it because I have to remain ever vigilante to do, mostly, the right thing with food. Consuming with wild abandon didn’t work out too well for me. Illegal, immoral or fattening is one of the great truisms of life, never mind just a funny throwaway in a W. C. Fields movie.

I did that one for too long and paid for it.  Can’t let that happen again. Just have to keep a sense of humor about it, that’s all.

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