The obesity epidemic. Pop goes the fat guy.

The humorous side of the obesity epidemic.  massive-pop-fail2

I guess it’s funny.  Certainly the downside of smart phones.  Those things are always around to capture the moment.

Yes, I am  laughing at this guy’s sad little drama.  He’s too fat to get off of his electric handicap scooter, the one usually designed for old shoppers, to grab his sugary beverage of choice.  He takes a funny, sad and embarrassing tumble.  Laughter all around.

I don’t think his real problem is another carton of soda, or “pop,” as it’s called in the Midwest.

I can’t really tell what brand he’s trying, and failing, to get here.  To be fair, he may have been trying to grab a diet pop.  Why I am trying to fair here, I have no idea.   He did it to himself.

Talk about a massive load-shift.  How much do you want to bet he’s suing the grocery store store for providing unsafe scooters?

One thing that makes this so sad, and speaks to the obesity epidemic that’s out there, is the age of this guy.  He’s young, way too young, to depend on the a supermarket provided scooter to do his shopping.

I think it’s a guy, but I can’t be absolutely sure of it.

That’s another sad outcome of the obesity epidemic. Everyone tends to starting looking alike.


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