chocolate and red wine

Chocolate and Red Wine – What Do They Share?

The myth they are good for you. Oh, drat.  Once both chocolate and red wine, two of my favorite things to consume, were thought to offer some health benefits. The magic ingredient in both was a substance called resveratrol.  It could protect us from heart disease, diabetes and cancer it was once thought.   The results […]

Is Vitamin K Key in Preventing Type 2 Diabetes?

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Vitamin K Kind of a wonder vitamin if true A study from Spain indicates that Vitamin K  may help in preventing type 2 diabetes in elderly patients. The study involved 1, 069 men and women with an average age of 67 and none had type 2 diabetes at the start.

Black Bean Chili, Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Diabetic friendly recipe is easy to make and filling It’s also cheap to make and fast with a pressure cooker   We made this delicious diabetic friendly recipe for vegetarian chili last week. This version uses a  pressure cooker method, but you can adapt this recipe to a crockpot or the stove top.  Whatever works […]

Belly Fat Was Ruining My Health, And I Looked Bad, Too

When I had a very large, round belly,  I took belly fat as an annoyance, as unattractive, as responsible for some hefty tailoring expenses to let my pants out and as something I should do something about, starting next week. Dangerous?  Fat’s fat, right?  If only. “…We’ve learned that abdominal fat tissue is a hotbed […]

A Calorie Is Not Just a Calorie for a Type 2 Diabetes Diet

For those trying to control their type 2 diabetes, keep in mind that a calorie is not just a calorie.  While there is no official diabetic diet, some calories are better than others to control type 2 diabetes. The key is eat the foods that don’t cause a big surge in glucose. Keep the surge […]