What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Your nails and health

Want a quick check up on the state of your health?  Check your finger or toes nails .

If the the nail beds are in the pink, so are you.  You want nails that are semi-transparent, light pink and intact.

Congratulations if that describes your finger and toe nails.  You may want to head off for the salon to get a pedicure or manicure to celebrate.  It’s great way to get a little pampering.

If not, may want to head off to the doctor’s office instead to find out if you have a problem.

For starters, something other than pink could be a sign of diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure, tuberculosis or rheumatoid arthritis and this list is just for starters.

Fun list, eh?  It gets worse.

For more on nails and health, check this recent article on your nails and what their appearance may say about your health at Everyday Health.


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