Making exercise fun on a dreary, rainy day.

Making exercise fun on a dreary, rainy day.

A connection between Gangnam Style and Ace Power Rider?

Psy. Making exercise fun?

Is this a Korean thing?

And other odd things the brain ponders while pedaling.

For three years I have sought a way of making exercise fun. So far, I have failed, but brain keeps working on the problem.


But first, my numbers for today and the first for the new year.  Been a bad boy.

The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Sugar:  94 mg/dl.  Good, considering the candy I have eating.
  • Weight:  186 lbs.
  • Exercise:  45 minutes on the trainer.  Raining here this morning.
  • Mood:  8.0

The Diet:

  • Breakfast:  The usual morning fruit medley and oatmeal with craisins.
  • Lunch:  Leftover black peas and ham (for luck) and cole slaw (for wealth)
  • Dinner:  Red beans and rice and a salad.
  • Snack:  Candy from Christmas.  A little each day can’t hurt.  Much.  Tastes good.


Because I am a wimp and I don’t like the cold,  I had the bike on the trainer in the garage this morning.  It was raining at 5 am so even if the weather were tolerably warm, the bike would still be on the trainer.

I don’t like getting wet, either, if I can avoid it.

Just some of the dreariness of doing what all type 2 diabetic should do, exercise.

I have been at this now for three years, riding my bike to be healthy.  I like the results of my exercising.  I don’t like exercising.  I would like someday to dream up a scheme for making exercise fun.

For now, it’s still the mental exercise to overcome my natural preference to just pull the covers back over my head and forget the whole thing.

I like riding my bike because it is a great way to get the brain working as well as the heart and lungs.  Once the rhythm of pedaling and breathing is working, I do like how the mind can wander, make associations, come up with solutions and just generally go off on tangents.  Not making exercise fun, really, but maybe making it interesting.

Still, interesting is not enough to make me want to bound out of bed thinking “it’s off on a tangent I go.”   But still getting up for lo these three years is something to be proud of, I think.

Anyway, right on cue, once the pedaling and breathing were in sync, the brain went off on it’s right-brained tangent.   For whatever reason, I started to think of the goofy Gangnam Style video and the goofy up and down  little dance move the pudgy guy Psy does.

That reminded me of another Korean video that went viral last year, for the Ace Power rider.  Same basic move.

Is this a way of making exercise fun? Is this where the whole Gangnam Style move got started?  Is this up and down stuff a Korean thing?

I have no idea.  For now, I am just sticking with the bike.

There is also Zumba Fitness.  Naw.



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