Listening To Mozart Lowers Blood Pressure?

Listening To Mozart Lowers Your Blood Pressure?

Hey that’s easy enough. Try this, His Eine Kleine Nachtmusik as performed by the Slovak Chamber Orchestra.

Feel better? I do. Researchers in Germany studied if music, in this case music from Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and ABBA, had an effect on health and blood pressure.

Their findings were that of the three, Mozart lowered pressure the most, ABBA not at all. The numbers are as follows:

  1. Mozart lowered systolic blood pressure (the pressure in blood vessels when the heart beats) by an average of 4.7mm hg.
  2. Strauss 3.7mm hg (well, doing a waltz is good exercise).
  3. ABBA failed to budge anything one way or the other (to borrow from the PDQ Bach biography, “such a horrid clang).

Diastolic blood pressure (when the heart rests between beats) also fell:

  1. By 2.1 mm Hg for Mozart.
  2. By 2.9 mm Hg for Strauss.
  3. Not at all for ABBA

The studies conclusions on lowering blood pressure

The studies authors went on to note:

“In our study, listening to classical music resulted in lowered blood pressure and heart rate. These drops in blood pressure were clearly expressed for the music of Mozart and Strauss.

“The music of ABBA did not show any or only very small effects on blood pressure and heart rate. This may be due to emotional factors, but on the other hand the use of spoken words may have a negative role.”

Along with Mozart and classical music, aerobic exercise and reducing salt intake also lowers both your blood pressure and heart rate. Kind of nice to know that laying down, slipping on some headphones and playing some of the world’s great music is a good thing to do for your health. Let’s you tune out the entire world for a while.  Maybe that’s the secret.

Although from what I have read of Mozart’s life, listening to his own music did little for his well being. There is that to consider.

Compare and contrast

For comparison purposes, here is Johann Strauss’s The Blue Danube Waltz.

And ABBA’s Mamma Mia.

Well, the ABBA piece was shorter. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I am going to guess Rush would not be among the music that lowers blood pressure or heart rate either, but I like the holy trinity and will continue to listen as an enthusiastic fan. I like to exercise while listening to them, so it all works out.

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