Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

A New Name for Alzheimer’s May be Type 3 Diabetes

Why this happens is still unknown


Symbol for diabetes, type 3 diabetes included

The international symbol for diabetes.

Some researchers are now thinking that Alzheimer’s should be relabeled as type 3 diabetes, diabetes of the brain if you will.

Uncontrolled diabetes has long been associated a deterioration of the cerebral cortex, the part that makes us, us.  Patients that suffer from poorly controlled diabetes also have a greater chance to developing Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s does affect the cerebral cortex.

Strong link right there.

Glucose is brain food and the  largest consumer of glucose in your body is the brain.  In sufficient amounts, glucose not only feeds the brain cells, but strengthens the neurons that connect the brain.  Neurons keep the flow of information from the brain that controls the other parts of the brain and the rest of your body to keep everything running smoothly.  A malnourished brain will affect the whole body, just as Alzheimer’s does.

What characterizes Alzheimer’s is a build up a protein called beta amyloid plaque in the brain.  Where it comes from and why it develops is unknown.

Diabetes of course is defined as a resistance in the body to insulin.  The thought now is that the plaque is a cause of insulin resistance.  Consider that patients with Alzheimer’s can improve their memory by routinely inhaling an insulin spray and thus moving glucose into the brain.  That is encouraging and suggestive right there.

Fat is a cause of insulin resistance.  Fat is a chronic disorder caused by eating too much of the wrong foods.  That’s what I had.

Environmental issues, namely getting older, is also a cause of insulin resistance.  So are genetics, and now beta amyloid plaque maybe  joining the list of insulin resistors, giving us type 3 diabetes.

As a society, we are getting fatter and older.  Type 2 diabetes has risen along with these two conditions and  these two are labeled as epidemics.  Alzheimer’s has risen right along with them and it too is labeled as an epidemic.

So, are they all related?  Seem to be.  The correlation is strong, but for now that’s all it is, a correlation, if a very strong one.

Where does the plaque come from?  What causes it?   Some suggest  it’s metabolism problem, the result of a bad diet.  Or is it a condition of age?  Genetics?  Anything and everything causes insulin resistance?

Certainly too much glucose in your veins for too long  does cause chronic inflammation which can cause autoimmune problems.   That can lead to a lot of other problem,  beta amyloid plaque being one of them perhaps.

For now it seem to be largely conjecture.  No one really knows and that’s the scary part.




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