I Am Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Today – Splurge Friday Edition

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes is All About Attitude

Doing it by diet only today

Reversing type 2 diabetes with a cheerful thought

The man who gave us the cheerful mantra, everyday in every way…

I remember reading of a popular saying back in the 1920:  “Everyday in every way I am getting better and better.”  It was popularized by a cheerful Frenchman named Emile Coue.

Why is it cheerful and Frenchman just don’t seem to go together today?

That is how I try to approach reversing type 2 diabetes, everyday is a new opportunity to be better and stay better.  It all has a pleasant optimistic feel to it.  Pleasantly optimistic is something not in abundance today.  Emile, you are much needed today.

Anyhoo, that said, the knee swelled up yesterday evening after I cut and cleaned up the yard, my usual Thursday (aka Friday Eve) routine.  Doesn’t really hurt, but no reason to push it unnecessarily.  I am not racing in the Tour de France after all.  Many like to say physical activity is a part of a overall exercise plan and I am going to consider holding a hose, watering some thirsty plants while drinking a cup of coffee is physical activity.  Worked for me.

The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  99 mg/dl.  Inside the safety limit.
  • Weight:  187 lbs.
  • Exercise:  Just watering the yard this morning.  That will have to do until the knee swelling goes down
  • Mood:  7.5  It is Friday and Tex-Mex tonight.  Could be worse

The Menu:

  • Breakfast:  Morning fruit medley as usual and one slice of pizza.  The usual Friday Splurge breakfast.
  • Lunch:  More leftover Paul Dean’s Taco Soup.  It does make a potful.
  • Dinner:  Tex-Mex.  I wait all week for this.
  • A few almonds and dried apricots.

Have great weekend everyone.  See you back on Monday.

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