Happy Thanksgiving – We are in an Obesity Epidemic

The Obesity Epidemic, something not to be thankful for.

The downside of being prosperous.


Obesity epidemic enjoy obesitySomething to ponder this holiday season, America and the world is in an obesity epidemic.

From those happy-go-lucky guys at Zero Hedge, Happy Thanksgiving, right?

By 2020, 75% of all Americans are going to be either overweight or obese, or so the prognosticators think.

As of 2011, 371 million people in the world were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, an 11% increase over the previous year.  That is stunning.

Of course that means that type 2 diabetes rate, along with the rate of heart disease and even cancer,  will be increasing right along with obesity rate.  They all sadly go hand in hand.

This is something I have been writing about for while now, the downside of a world becoming better off economically.  We, an ever increasing number of people in the world, can afford to indulge.  Food has become an industry, and a very efficient one at that, providing more of  the things we really like to eat, when we want to eat them and at a lower cost.

Capitalism does work folks, remember that.

Sugar does take its lumps in all of this.

Yes, the pun was intended.  I love puns, even bad ones, and sugar is not to blame, nor is food from McDonald’s or Frito-Lay or fat or carbohydrates or whatever the villain of the moment is.

The reason for all of this is that on a world wide scale, people everywhere are making poor choices of what to eat and how much of it to eat.  I was a classic example.  I changed and so can the rest of the world.  It’s not really that hard, but it is about choice.

Here’s the good news, I think the obesity epidemic will eventually solve itself.  It can’t go on as it has, so it won’t.  Simple as that.  Sooner or later, our world wide eating binge will change.

Until then, you may want to consider investing in companies like Merck.  That ultimately I think was the point of this Zero Hedge article.  Merck and other drug companies are making money off of this.  They are providing a needed solution and there is nothing wrong with that, right?


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