Gen-Xer’s More Likely to Get Type 2 Diabetes

The reason is simple:  They are getting fatter younger

Gen-Xer’s are more likely to become type 2 diabetics than their Baby Boomer parents.  This from an article I read that appeared in Bloomburg News.Fat Gen_Xer's type 2 diabetes earlier than Baby Boomers

The findings were from a study published in PLOS ONE surveying Australian Gen-Xer’s.

What they found simply boils down to this:  the Australian generation that followed the Baby Boomers eat too much, much more than their parents.  So they get fatter younger and are more likely to get all of the getting fat problems younger than their parents, namely type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

The inference for me to all of this –  Australian Gen-Xer’s are typical of Gen-Xer’s worldwide.  That conforms to the evidence that as the world gets more prosperous, the world is getting fatter and sicker, type 2 diabetes being a typical result.

That means the Gen Xer’s worldwide will become sicker at an earlier age, withdraw from the work force earlier and depend on the their kids (the Millennials?) to support them while they convalesce.  I take convalesce to mean waiting to die because they are fat and sick and not doing much about it, such eating less and making better food choices.

Remember, the Baby Boomers were fatter earlier than their parents and developed the problems of getting fatter earlier than than their parents.  I suspect, just by observation, that the Millennials are getting fatter than their parents at an even earlier age and so are likely to get sicker earlier than their parents.

The new great cycle of life, getting sicker earlier.

This is the great downside of prosperity.  The great cycle of prosperous life goes on, but for how long?  Take that to the logical extreme means we humans are now doomed to become fatter and sicker earlier with each succeeding generation?

I don’t think so.  Something somewhere will change.  It has to.

The good news from this study is the Gen Xer’s don’t do less physical activity than the Baby Boomers, they are better educated and they don’t smoke as much.

The downside about the good news that those positives don’t seem to be doing them much good.


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