Ain’t No Way I Am Doing This.

Extreme Downhill Bike Riding.

It Ain’t For Me.

Ever have a Walter Middy moment? I do, lots of them. I like to think of it suggesting a rich, inner life.

I love to get out and ride my bike.  I did so this morning, huffing and puffing in the dark through our little quite neighborhood.

In my head little fantasy plays out of me doing something really cool on my bike, winning the Tour de France for instance.

Nothing like what is shown on this YouTube video ever went through my head. It’s not me. One reason, I think, is Houston is pretty flat and there aren’t many extreme riding places to go. Another is I am getting too old for that.  I will watch, marvel and think better them then me. It is entertaining as heck, even better than professional wrestling. But, it’s not for me.

I value my bones not being broken or my back not wrenched out of alignment. I have a whole day to go through and in pain is not way to go through it.

Yes, I don’t mind telling my legs to shut up. that means I am doing the heart, lungs and muscles a world of good. That’s pretty mild compared to what Gee Atherton goes through here and he was just testing the track.

It’s also amazing what a Gopro camera can do and show.  It’s like being there, but without the injuries, and that’s just fine by me.

I mean, city streets can be kind of dangerous, if not extreme or technical. Concrete is hard and Houston is filled drivers who are dumb, possibly blind or hate people on bikes. Given all of that, I think I am living on the edge here.  In a safe, sane kind of way.

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