Twelve Minutes Enough for a Diabetic Exercise Program?

Can just 12 minutes of exercise be the core of an effective diabetic exercise program? But first, before that is answered… The numbers for today: Fasting blood glucose:  104 mg/dl.  I bit high, but due to a very late supper of beans and rice and then bed.  Not a good practice for digestion.  Exercise:  45 […]

Thoughts on fitness while trying to stay fit.

Fitness is Hard Work Is it worth it? It’s been a while since I have posted, but I have been a good boy, keeping the fitness routine going .  I missed doing doing this blog, but it always seems to get pushed down by other, more pressing matters.  The Charming Mrs. SWMBO asked me about […]

Middle Age Fitness – Even for geezers, its never too late to start.

The benefits associated with middle age fitness. Living longer is not necessarily one of them.   My middle age fitness program didn’t begin until, well, middle age.   I avoided exercise until I my type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  Everything changed immediately after that.  I got serious about keeping fit. I had someone write to me about […]

The Next Big Thing in Exercise Equipment?

Looking for a piece of exercise equipment that combines the great aerobic and core building workout you can get from horse back riding in the convenience of your own home and in one simple, functional device? Me neither. However, if this sounds interesting, check out this miracle worker from South Korea, Horse Riding Fitness from […]

What I Did Today to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

Monday Moanin’ Editon of my daily routine to fight type 2 diabetes.       The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  100 mg/dl Weight:  188 lbs. Exercise:  45 minute bike ride, listening to the Rush CD, Clockwork Angels. I am beginning to obsess on it.  Rush has not released anything this good in a long […]