Ain’t No Way I Am Doing This.

Extreme Downhill Bike Riding. It Ain’t For Me. Ever have a Walter Middy moment? I do, lots of them. I like to think of it suggesting a rich, inner life. I love to get out and ride my bike.  I did so this morning, huffing and puffing in the dark through our little quite neighborhood. […]

Candidate for memory loss.

Aerobic Exercise Increases Long Term Memory

Not exercising is often sited as one reason for the increase now in type 2 diabetes, heart disease and breast and colon cancer.   Now memory loss is another item to add to this list of reasons to get up and get sweaty. Researchers at my old alma mater, Michigan State University, have found that the […]

Crazy man on a bike. Randy Reed.

Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike

Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike This is an amazing story of a middle aged man with: Too much time on his hands. A real competitive spirit. A dedicated diet and exercise regimen.

Exercise, Walter Mitty and Me.

Making Exercise Fun In my head, anyway I hit the streets for my morning ride.  Nice, quiet streets, very little traffic, no hills, no danger, just me, my iPod and my thoughts.   Easy and safe. Nothing like a good bike ride in the morning for my exercise That’s when Walter Mitty takes over and this […]

Stop Wasting Time. Exercise. Ride the Bike.

Why am I doing this? This is pretty much what goes through my head in the morning. It’s time to exercise and do the things that are good for me. Truth be told, there some mornings it’s a struggle. It’s called motivation. When I am dragging, feeling more like I want to go back to […]