The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet.

The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet Maybe. I’ve seen worse, actually The most pretentious diet plan yet is the usually the latest one embraced by the poor souls to go from one diet fad to the next. Chronic health foodies are generally a miserable lot in my experience. If that’s how they want to live […]

Dr Oz Weight Loss Scams

Weight Loss Scams or Miracles? Dr. Oz Isn’t Saying.

Dr Oz Tells Senate Committee what he knows.  Hint – it’s not much. Is Dr. Oz promoting weight loss scams?  Serious charge for a medical man. I recently saw a headline in a magazine in the check out line at Kroger’s.   The ubiquitous Dr. Oz was touting something or other as a weight loss miracle. I […]

Corn Syrup Doesn’t Cause Type 2 Diabetes

Corn Syrup is Safe to Eat Just don’t eat it, its not good for you Sorry, I just can’t get riled up about eating foods flavored with corn syrup.  It really is safe to eat.  It won’t kill or harm you. Having said that, I avoid the stuff as much as possible.  It really doesn’t […]

Diabetic Friendly Recipe – Lentil Chili

Another Fast, Easy, Tastey Diabetic Friendly Recipe It’s also cheap and clean up is simple This a diabetic friendly recipe was a favorite last year and will be again now that the weather is getting cooler.  It’s also easy to make and cheap.  Clean up is easy, too, and that means a lot after a […]

Black Bean Chili, Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Diabetic friendly recipe is easy to make and filling It’s also cheap to make and fast with a pressure cooker   We made this delicious diabetic friendly recipe for vegetarian chili last week. This version uses a  pressure cooker method, but you can adapt this recipe to a crockpot or the stove top.  Whatever works […]

Diabetic Diets, School Lunches and the Triumph of Free Markets

Makes for a Good Diabetic Diet, maybe, but Kids Won’t Eat It. A black market on chocolate syrup? First, in the truth be told department,  for my diabetic diet plan of choice I follow most of the new school lunch program guidelines promoted by Michelle Obama.  The new rules are close the ideas from the […]