Diabetic Diets – Can Some Foods Help You Live Longer?

Will Diabetic Diets rich in certain foods help you live longer?

Or is it mostly genetics?


Dark chocolate for diabetic dietsCan diabetic diets filled with certain foods add years to  your life?  Or are your genes in control, mostly?

This article from the Huffington Post does imply that the seven food could add years to your life.

There is no evidence here that they will, just that these foods do have substances that are good for you.  These foods just contain good stuff and it’s better to consistently choose foods with good stuff in them.

I recently posted that exercise doesn’t necessarily add years to your life according to a decades long study of it’s patients by the Cooper Institute in Dallas.

Exercise statistically does not help us live longer.  Exercise can make the duration of the diseases that eventually get us in the end shorter.  That makes our time span spent in good health longer, or adding life to our years.

That has to count for something, right?

I imagine that if data were gathered for foods and diets in the way data were gathered for exercise, it would reveal something similar.  I can’t prove that.  No one seems to be able to prove that, but that’s my guess.

The foods mentioned in the Huffington article seem to make a lot of list.  Mentioning dark chocolate was a nice surprise.  These are the sort of foods moms everywhere have served because it’s good for their families.

I think that eating or choosing certain foods over others can help add more good, healthy years to your life.  Based on the exercise study Cooper did, I think that is a fairly safe guess.

But hey, anyone who recommends dark chocolate as a food to eat for good health must be taken seriously, right?  I think I am going to get some right now and eat to my good health.

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