Diabetic Diets, School Lunches and the Triumph of Free Markets

Makes for a Good Diabetic Diet, maybe, but Kids Won’t Eat It.

A black market on chocolate syrup?

Michelle Obama, diabetic dietFirst, in the truth be told department,  for my diabetic diet plan of choice I follow most of the new school lunch program guidelines promoted by Michelle Obama.  The new rules are close the ideas from the DASH Diet, the Biggest Loser Diet or the Mediterranean Diet.  All these diets feature lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, legumes and lean meats.  Really, pretty easy to follow and for me, very filling and effective.

Yet this plan is getting a failing mark from the kids who are expected to eat it.  Why?  Well, some kids don’t seem to like all of the vegetables and just throw them out.  I was like that and I think most kids at that age are like that.  Vegetables are something you eat because it’s good for you, not because you want to eat them.  Getting kids to eat vegetables is a time honored battle between caring moms and their reluctant children.  That will never change.

School athletes in Wisconsin complain the allowed portion size are too small.  They need more to eat.  Hey, they are just growing boys and who wants a skinny lineman anyway?  Teenage boys are supposed to eat a lot, and calories burning athletes just adds to volume of food required.

There is even a growing black market for chocolate syrup in one Massachusetts school.

Capitalism and markets always seem to win out in the end, doesn’t it?

Lets make the assumption that what the schools are doing is offer the best food available to the students. It’s healthy and good for them and will keep them fit and send them off with good nutritional and dietary habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Well, maybe

One little problem.  No one asked either the students or their parents about what they were to be offered. Isn’t a truism of the social media ear we are now in that the consumer can be a partner product development? Did anyone in government bother to ask the students or their parents?  The new menus may be good for the students, but no one asked them and that is problem.  This is what you will eat.  Eat it and get over it.

This is turning into a classic failure of  central planning as this student made video shows.

Eat your vegetables or else, nanny-state style.

Will the kids eventually get used to the changes and start to eat their vegetables or learn to live on less food?  Maybe.  I am not counting on it.  Certain foods now deemed not good are popular because they taste good.  Broccoli and carrots don’t compare, and that is the problem and this is not the way to change anyone’s preferences.  That begins at home with the parents, not the school cafeteria.

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