I Heart Houston for My Type 2 Diabetic Exercise Plan

My favorite exercise for type 2 diabetic exercise plan is just to ride my bike.   It simple, fun, easy on the knees and meeting other bike riders here is interesting. They are an eclectic group.  Some are road racer wannabees, some think they are going green and saving the planet by riding the bike […]

Happy Thanksgiving – We are in an Obesity Epidemic

The Obesity Epidemic, something not to be thankful for. The downside of being prosperous.   Something to ponder this holiday season, America and the world is in an obesity epidemic. From those happy-go-lucky guys at Zero Hedge, Happy Thanksgiving, right? By 2020, 75% of all Americans are going to be either overweight or obese, or […]

Diabetic Friendly Recipe – Lentil Chili

Another Fast, Easy, Tastey Diabetic Friendly Recipe It’s also cheap and clean up is simple This a diabetic friendly recipe was a favorite last year and will be again now that the weather is getting cooler.  It’s also easy to make and cheap.  Clean up is easy, too, and that means a lot after a […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes on a Splurge Friday, Alzheimer’s Update

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes is fun! Further thoughts on Alzheimer’s as t3d   Yet another great day for reversing type 2 diabetes.  Yes the fun never ends and here is what I did to reverse it today. Admittedly, this happy bit is all fake. The Charming Mrs. SWMBO has been gone all week and won’t […]

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

A New Name for Alzheimer’s May be Type 3 Diabetes Why this happens is still unknown   Some researchers are now thinking that Alzheimer’s should be relabeled as type 3 diabetes, diabetes of the brain if you will. Uncontrolled diabetes has long been associated a deterioration of the cerebral cortex, the part that makes us, […]