Fat Gen_Xer's type 2 diabetes earlier than Baby Boomers

Gen-Xer’s More Likely to Get Type 2 Diabetes

The reason is simple:  They are getting fatter younger Gen-Xer’s are more likely to become type 2 diabetics than their Baby Boomer parents.  This from an article I read that appeared in Bloomburg News. The findings were from a study published in PLOS ONE surveying Australian Gen-Xer’s. What they found simply boils down to this: […]

Splurge Friday: Sugar and Doughnuts

It’s National Doughnut Day! Not splurging on those, though.  No way. But first, as always, the run down: The Numbers: Fasting blood sugar:  94 mg/dl.  Good considering another late night dinner Weight:  185 lbs. Exercise:  45 minutes, 10 miles.  Hard to get going this morning, but once the rhythm kicked, I was fine. Mood:  8.5. […]

Wednesday’s Diabetic Recipe: One Pot Wonder

Pasta in a Diabetic Recipe? Whole grain pasta, no problem. We found this on line on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It’s almost ideal. First and foremost it delicious.  We like it served with chicken or salmon on top.  To make it more diabetic friendly, we use whole grain pasta. Second, we have lots of […]

Monday’s Type 2 Diet News. Is Wheat Bad for a Type 2 Diabetic Diet?

Is Wheat Bad for a Type 2 Diabetic Diet? Or is the anti-wheat news just this year’s fad diet news? Before that weighty question. The numbers for today: Fasting Blood Glucose Levels:  96 mg/dl.  Not stellar, but safe and safe is just fine.  Exercise:  45 minutes, 10 miles.  Good ride, perfect morning. Weight:  186 lbs. […]

The Joys of Winter Bike Riding.

But Not for Me I am too much of a wuss I had to share this. I love to ride my bike.  One big reason is the benefits of exercise for diabetics.   It’s a big must for keeping the glucose under control. It’s also fun.  Riding can be an exercise in pure, youthful joy. […]

Making exercise fun on a dreary, rainy day.

Making exercise fun on a dreary, rainy day. A connection between Gangnam Style and Ace Power Rider? And other odd things the brain ponders while pedaling. For three years I have sought a way of making exercise fun. So far, I have failed, but brain keeps working on the problem.