Diabetes Drugs Leads Merck’s Profit Growth for Second Quarter

Merck’s Diabetes Drugs Leads the Way in Q2

Business to benefit from world-wide epidemic


Januvie and Janumet

Drug maker Merck beat estimates because sales of its diabetes drugs  Januvia and Janumet.  Given the world-wide growth in type 2 diabetes, no one should be surprised that  diabetes drugs could be so successful and have a such a bright future for continued growth.

Merck says now that 18% of it’s revenue comes from emerging markets.  Countries and regions often referred to as emerging markets are also the countries and regions seeing growth in type 2 diabetes.  This could included China, India, parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Wealth and a better medical care can have its draw backs. Reasons for the increase include

  1. a growing world wide population,
  2. increased life expectancy because older people tend to become diabetics,
  3. the world is getting fatter,
  4. richer and unhealthier diets
  5. a more sedentary life.

People world wide will have to start buying exercise equipment and exercise DVDs.

My guess is that drug companies that make diabetes drugs, along with those making and selling exercise equipment and diet programs,  will have a bright future.  The creators of the Ace Power Rider could be the poised to take advantage of this opportunity. Hey if you use it, it probably works.

While the numbers are not separated, it’s not hard to imagine that a good chunk of the emerging market growth is due to the Merck’s diabetes drug business given the trends in the world today.

In a way I am lucky.  I manage to control, beat, cure, whatever my, problem with just diet and exercise.  Simple and effective for me.  No side effects save for road rash from wiping out.  I do know that so many for whatever reason are not so fortunate and the only way to keep their type 2 diabetes in check is with drugs.

Good that we at least have them, right?





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