Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike

Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike

This is an amazing story of a middle aged man with:

Too much time on his hands.
A real competitive spirit.
A dedicated diet and exercise regimen.

Randy Reed rode over 11,000 miles in the National Bike Challenge.  The Challenge lasted over five months and he averaged riding 73 miles per day, everyday, for 153 straight days.

That’s a lot of riding.  To me, a nearly insane amount of riding.  What fun.

Crazy man on a bike.  Randy Reed.He did it all on a trail bike, his only bike, and he managed to finish in fourth place.  He joked that he probably could have won it if he had had road bike and I would not doubt him in the least.

I guess this proves to anyone the key to riding well is to get on the bike and ride.  Everything after that is just details.

Gives me comfort because my only bike is a trail bike I had slightly modified to make it more comfortable.  I can ride it now for a long time before getting tired.  I have often wondered if I should get a road bike, but I can never find one I am comfortable riding for any length of time.

Riding is also the only thing he does and he appears very fit indeed.  No running, lifting weights, yoga, Pilates, PX90 cross training or whatever else is out there.  That’s another key to his success.  Just do it, as Nike always advises.

His experience also gives me some more comfort because that’s all I ever do, ride the bike, although I often think and read I should add some other exercise to make my efforts more complete, meaning exercise more body parts.  Whatever.  Do what you like, right?

He’s also vegetarian and cold cereal fan, although he never mentions which cereal he eats.  Fruit loops or granola?  I would think it makes a difference.

You can read a bit of his story on his blog, crazy man on a mountain bike.  I wish would tell more of it. I am sure there is more.  What little there is interesting and more than a bit heart warming.

You can also check out his  past and current riding on his Endomondo app posts.  It’s really inspiring to me.  He just gets up and goes.  End of story.  He’s passionate about riding and he pursues his passion everyday.

I want to be more like him.  At least until it’s time to shower up and go to work.  That’s another think, he was unemployed when he did this.  Well, you can’t accuse him of just sitting around and watching Dr. Phil.

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