Happy Thanksgiving – We are in an Obesity Epidemic

The Obesity Epidemic, something not to be thankful for. The downside of being prosperous.   Something to ponder this holiday season, America and the world is in an obesity epidemic. From those happy-go-lucky guys at Zero Hedge, Happy Thanksgiving, right? By 2020, 75% of all Americans are going to be either overweight or obese, or […]

Diabetic Friendly Recipes – 8 Can Taco Soup

A Diabetic Friendly Recipe Because I Said So. How much can a little bit of cream of chicken soup hurt?   I am calling this one of my diabetic friendly recipes because it’s fast, easy to make, delicious, filling and cheap.  There are also a lots of leftovers for lunches, so it hits almost all […]

Controlling Type 2 Diabetes on Splurge Friday 10/5/12

A Breakthrough for Controlling Type 2 Diabetes in a Pill? But first the really important news. Rush Finally Going to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This has nothing to do with controlling type 2 diabetes, I know, but I am a huge fan.  After 40 years of legendary music, stellar stage show and virtuoso […]