Controlling Type 2 Diabetes on Splurge Friday 10/5/12

A Breakthrough for Controlling Type 2 Diabetes in a Pill?

But first the really important news.

Rush Finally Going to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Neil Peart, Not concerned about controlling type 2 diabetes

Neil Peart

This has nothing to do with controlling type 2 diabetes, I know, but I am a huge fan.  After 40 years of legendary music, stellar stage show and virtuoso musicianship, Rush being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Finally.  Being third on the all time records sales list I guess doesn’t count for much these days.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled stuff.

The Numbers:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  85 mg/dl  Lowest reading eva!  Whose the man?
  • Exercise:  45 minute ride.  Struggle this morning.  Just wanted to get it over.
  • Weight:  184ish lbs.
  • Mood:  7.0

The Menu:

  • Breakfast:  Morning medley of fresh fruit, one slice of leftover pizza, my Splurge Friday Staple.
  • Lunch:  Last of the leftover Cajun Blackeyed Peas and brown rice and an Michigan gala apple.  None finer.
  • Dinner:  Tex-Mex!  Grilled chicken breast and vegetables.  Hey, it’s Tex-Mexishly prepared.  The background music is from Mexico.
  • Snacks:  Baked Cheetos.  Yes it ain’t easy bein’ cheesy and Neil Peart is the greatest bleepin’ drummer in the world.

Breakthrough! Controlling Type 2 Diabetes with a Pill – For Mice

Mice seem to have all of the luck, even those raised and bred to develop type 2 diabetes.  Those scurrying bits of cat food on four legs now have pill for controlling type 2 diabetes.

The pill contains 2H10, which is a monoclonal antibody.  The antibody has a way of inhibiting a protein called VEGF-B, which forms on the surface of cells.  The VEGF-B protein is responsible for transportation and storage of fat throughout the body.  Inhibit the storage and transportation of fat and the body can begin to process glucose normally, just like a normal person, er, mouse.

The pill seems to both reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes.  The esteemed journal Nature calls this a breakthough

Will it work in humans?

It could and it has to be tested first , of course.  Human trails are next.

One big problem is that monoclonal antibodies often have adverse side effects in humans.  Curing the problem and killing the patient is not a good solution.

On that cheery note, I am going to leave you with the Hockey Night In Canada theme, the recently revised version performed with Neil Peart.

It maybe all the NHL hockey I am going to get this year.


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