Chocolate and Red Wine – What Do They Share?

The myth they are good for you.

Oh, drat.  Once both chocolate and red wine, two of my favorite things to consume, were thought to offer some health benefits.

The magic ingredient in both was a substance called resveratrol.  It could protect us from heart disease, diabetes and cancer it was once thought.  chocolate and red wine

The results of a recently released study conducted in Italy found the stuff  offered no health benefits whatsoever.  The people who ate chocolate and drank red wine fared no better against heart disease and cancer than those who declined the pleasure.  My guess, too, is that it offered no protection or relief from diabetes, either. 

Really, that should be no surprise.  The guy who started the buzz for resveratrol faked the data.  You can read about it here.  This revelation came out over two years ago, so this study is just catching up with the obvious.

Of course neither article said that consuming chocolate and red wine is going to hurt you, so there is that.  That’s kind of positive.  Sort of.

There is also this – a lot of  scientific studies are basically bunk.  A former researcher at the pharmaceutical manufacturer Amgin complained that 47 out of 53 studies, many considered “landmark” in their fields, could not be reproduced.  Bad science going on here.  A lot of it. That means that a lot of ideas and knowledge we sometimes hook our lives and well-being to are rubbish.

I am going to put a positive spin on this, that chocolate and red wine do serve a purpose to our well being, that there is a benefit to consuming both.  Chocolate and red wine, particularly dark chocolate and red wine, taste wonderful together.  Both make me happy.  It does alleviate, a bit, the knowledge that medical research is screwing me over.


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