Stop Wasting Time. Exercise. Ride the Bike.

Why am I doing this? This is pretty much what goes through my head in the morning. It’s time to exercise and do the things that are good for me. Truth be told, there some mornings it’s a struggle. It’s called motivation. When I am dragging, feeling more like I want to go back to […]

Diabetic Friendly Recipes – Easy Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup Easy to make and diabetic friendly I follow, as much as I can, the basic principles of the Mediterranean Diet, which could describe it in a nutshell as filling up on  foods like vegetables. A simple way to do that is this vegetable soup.  Preparation for this recipe is easy, but cooking it […]

Splurge Friday: Sugar and Doughnuts

It’s National Doughnut Day! Not splurging on those, though.  No way. But first, as always, the run down: The Numbers: Fasting blood sugar:  94 mg/dl.  Good considering another late night dinner Weight:  185 lbs. Exercise:  45 minutes, 10 miles.  Hard to get going this morning, but once the rhythm kicked, I was fine. Mood:  8.5. […]

Wednesday’s Diabetic Recipe: One Pot Wonder

Pasta in a Diabetic Recipe? Whole grain pasta, no problem. We found this on line on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It’s almost ideal. First and foremost it delicious.  We like it served with chicken or salmon on top.  To make it more diabetic friendly, we use whole grain pasta. Second, we have lots of […]

Twelve Minutes Enough for a Diabetic Exercise Program?

Can just 12 minutes of exercise be the core of an effective diabetic exercise program? But first, before that is answered… The numbers for today: Fasting blood glucose:  104 mg/dl.  I bit high, but due to a very late supper of beans and rice and then bed.  Not a good practice for digestion.  Exercise:  45 […]