Shiny nails in the pink

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Your nails and health Want a quick check up on the state of your health?  Check your finger or toes nails . If the the nail beds are in the pink, so are you.  You want nails that are semi-transparent, light pink and intact. Congratulations if that describes your finger and toe nails.  You may want to […]

Fat Gen_Xer's type 2 diabetes earlier than Baby Boomers

Gen-Xer’s More Likely to Get Type 2 Diabetes

The reason is simple:  They are getting fatter younger Gen-Xer’s are more likely to become type 2 diabetics than their Baby Boomer parents.  This from an article I read that appeared in Bloomburg News. The findings were from a study published in PLOS ONE surveying Australian Gen-Xer’s. What they found simply boils down to this: […]

Crazy man on a bike. Randy Reed.

Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike

Crazy Man on a Mountain Bike This is an amazing story of a middle aged man with: Too much time on his hands. A real competitive spirit. A dedicated diet and exercise regimen.

Exercise, Walter Mitty and Me.

Making Exercise Fun In my head, anyway I hit the streets for my morning ride.  Nice, quiet streets, very little traffic, no hills, no danger, just me, my iPod and my thoughts.   Easy and safe. Nothing like a good bike ride in the morning for my exercise That’s when Walter Mitty takes over and this […]