Today’s Diet and Exercise to Keep Me Happy and Healthy. Also Sore

Diet and Exercise to Control my Type 2 Diabetes One day at a time, every day The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  95 mg/dl Weight:  187 lbs. Exercise:  30 minutes.  Crashed this morning and picked up a nice case of  road rash.  It looks worse than it is.  Back at it tomorrow. Mood:  7.0.  Sore […]

China’s Levels of Teenage Type 2 Diabetes Higher Than in USA

World Wide Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic Gets Worse Reason?  Everybody is getting fatter   Earlier in the spring there was news that type 2 diabetes in American adolescents was at an all time high.  That’s actually not bad news overall.  The rate of type 2 diabetes in Chinese adolescents is four times higher. This according […]

Controlling My Type 2 Diabetes – Beating The Daily Beast

Under control, day in, day out Type 2 diabetes, not exciting, but fun Type 2 diabetes under control.  It’s not like I had anything better to do.  Much. The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  99 mg/dl. Weight:  187 lbs.  Down a pound Exercise:  45 minute ride Mood:  7.5.  Still job hunting The Menu for Today […]

Type 2 Diabetes Under Control

Controlling Type 2 Diabetes One Day at a Time And loving it Type 2 diabetes is a daily battle and you have to after it with brio. The Numbers: Fasting Blood Glucose Level:  99 mg/dl, type 2 diabetes in check. Weight:  188 lbs. Exercise: 45 minute bike ride.   I have noticed this week that dawn […]

The Next Big Thing in Exercise Equipment?

Looking for a piece of exercise equipment that combines the great aerobic and core building workout you can get from horse back riding in the convenience of your own home and in one simple, functional device? Me neither. However, if this sounds interesting, check out this miracle worker from South Korea, Horse Riding Fitness from […]

Belly Fat Was Ruining My Health, And I Looked Bad, Too

When I had a very large, round belly,  I took belly fat as an annoyance, as unattractive, as responsible for some hefty tailoring expenses to let my pants out and as something I should do something about, starting next week. Dangerous?  Fat’s fat, right?  If only. “…We’ve learned that abdominal fat tissue is a hotbed […]