Ain’t No Way I Am Doing This.

Extreme Downhill Bike Riding. It Ain’t For Me. Ever have a Walter Middy moment? I do, lots of them. I like to think of it suggesting a rich, inner life. I love to get out and ride my bike.  I did so this morning, huffing and puffing in the dark through our little quite neighborhood. […]

Listening To Mozart Lowers Blood Pressure?

Listening To Mozart Lowers Your Blood Pressure? Hey that’s easy enough. Try this, His Eine Kleine Nachtmusik as performed by the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. Feel better? I do. Researchers in Germany studied if music, in this case music from Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and ABBA, had an effect on health and blood pressure. Their findings were […]

The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet.

The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet Maybe. I’ve seen worse, actually The most pretentious diet plan yet is the usually the latest one embraced by the poor souls to go from one diet fad to the next. Chronic health foodies are generally a miserable lot in my experience. If that’s how they want to live […]

Dr Oz Weight Loss Scams

Weight Loss Scams or Miracles? Dr. Oz Isn’t Saying.

Dr Oz Tells Senate Committee what he knows.  Hint – it’s not much. Is Dr. Oz promoting weight loss scams?  Serious charge for a medical man. I recently saw a headline in a magazine in the check out line at Kroger’s.   The ubiquitous Dr. Oz was touting something or other as a weight loss miracle. I […]

chocolate and red wine

Chocolate and Red Wine – What Do They Share?

The myth they are good for you. Oh, drat.  Once both chocolate and red wine, two of my favorite things to consume, were thought to offer some health benefits. The magic ingredient in both was a substance called resveratrol.  It could protect us from heart disease, diabetes and cancer it was once thought.   The results […]

Candidate for memory loss.

Aerobic Exercise Increases Long Term Memory

Not exercising is often sited as one reason for the increase now in type 2 diabetes, heart disease and breast and colon cancer.   Now memory loss is another item to add to this list of reasons to get up and get sweaty. Researchers at my old alma mater, Michigan State University, have found that the […]