Pardon Our Digital Dust

Welcome to my little slice of the internet and my daily challenge of beating type 2 diabetes.

I did it with an improved diet, portion control and exercise. No drugs and with the occasional indulgence to keep the routine from getting stale. Really, that is the key, a whole new routine.

Chances are you can do that as well. For about 85% of the type 2 diabetics out there, that is all it takes.

I am changing the look of the The Skinny Dave Project, so please bear with me as I do a bit of remodeling. The remodel should be done shortly.

Remodel or no, my advice as always is to exercise and try to eat better. And skip the fried foods. Mostly. That's the occasional indulgence part.

For your enjoyment, here is my all time favorite exercise infomercial for ...

Ab Circle Pro!

Anyone remember this?

Anyone remember this, the AB Circle Pro? Ever use one or just try one?

More to the point, who is Jennifer Nicole Lee and where is she today? Does she still use the Ab Circle Pro? What made her a celebrity fitness pro or whatever?

What is a celebrity fitness pro?

If you got a laugh out of this video let me know as well. Comments on YouTube were disabled, probably for good reason.

A follow up, Consumer Reports reviewed the Ab Circle Pro. Click here to watch their review.

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